Research publications
A selection of academic articles that I have published with links to the articles.

Comparative visualisation
Web app for comparative visualisation of phenotype across multiple genes and multiple procedures.

Next generation embryology
Web app for viewing and tagging markers and regions on 3D models of mouse embryos.

Quality control of phenotype
Web app for carrying out quality control of phenotype data.

Tiled display of biological images
Web app for displaying high-resolution biological images with tiling.

Distributed Monte Carlo radiotherapy on Clusters
High-performance Monte Carlo radiotherapy simulations on the Cloud and Grids.

AWS, Portlets, SOAP, Sun Grid Engine & MySQL

Data crawler
Multithreaded Java application for large-scale collection and collation of phenotype data from research institutes across the globe.

Self-scheduling message passing applications
C programming library that provides dynamic self-scheduling capabilities to pattern-based message passing applications.

Message Passing with Communication Structures
My doctoral research on using communication structures for distributed applications.

Image attribution: embryo section from eMouseAtlas and radiotherapy treatment from National Research Council Canada