Gagarine Yaikhom

22 October 2022, Saturday

This is Gagarine Yaikhom’s personal blog.

If you have corrections, suggestions, or comments, kindly send me an email at [email protected]. Where applicable, I shall acknowledge your kind message on this blog. I apologise for the inconvenience of having to write an email, for I have decided not to use services such as Disqus for comments. To keep the pages light, the site also uses JavaScript, Cookies etc. sparingly, only if needed.

Other online services I use are: Twitter and GitHub.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this blog are mine alone and do not represent the views of any other party. The articles are shared as is without warranty or assumption of liability. The code segments are proof-of-concept sketches shared for demonstration purposes only. Also, I love mathematics but I am not a mathematician.

The logo is a line-painting I did using the photo of Shorty, taken by J.H. McCrory1, as reference. I stumbled upon this picture while reading about the infinite monkey theorem. There is something deep in the way Shorty looks.

  1. From the Archives: Monkey business starring two chimpanzees by Scott Harrison, Los Angeles Times, September 28, 2017. The photo was taken by J.H. McCrory, and was first published in January 18, 1936.↩︎